A Little Piece Of Plastic

The most exciting thing happened to me today.  I was walking down the hall at work when I saw something on the floor.  I leaned down and picked it up.  It was a little piece of plastic, about an inch square.  I looked at it for a minute and then I realized that I had SEEN this on the floor.  I just stared at that piece of plastic.  It was such a sign to me that my vision has improved immensely.

I had a better day today, overall.  I was not so overwhelmingly tired, and I think that the anesthesia has finally worked its way out of my body.  I had a headache and some nausea from trying to adjust to my new vision and from trying to make my eyes focus together.  This is much more difficult than I had anticipated, but it is coming along.

The flowers in our garden are blooming and I spent a few minutes this evening just looking at them.  Hyacinths and daffodils are just beginning to blossom.  They look so beautiful to me.  I am soaking up the sights all around me.  It feels like I am seeing with new eyes and I guess, in a way, I am.  At least with one new eye, or at least with one new lens.  Everything seems new and fresh and beautiful.


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