Entering Holy Week

We are nearing the end of the Lenten season and Holy Week is upon us.  I love Holy Week.  I always have a sense that time slows down during Holy Week.  It is a busy week, full of liturgies and traditions.  When I look at the calendar for the week, it is hard to believe that we can fit everything in and still continue on with our “normal” lives.  Ben and Sam have this week off from school, but the rest of us will have to maintain our work lives while entering into the sacredness of the week.

I really want to be open to whatever messages God has for me during the upcoming week.  My experiences of Holy Week in the past have been varied.  Whenever I fully enter into the liturgies and open my heart to the sacred during Holy Week, I find myself changed.  Sometimes I am shocked by the horror of the crucifixion.  The brutality of humankind awakens in me a desire to become a more peaceful and nonviolent person.  Sometimes it is the Marys who capture my imagination and I am proud of the role of women in the Passion story.  I remember one year being fascinated by the play of light and darkness in readings and ritual throughout the week.  My own sinfulness has become clear to me during Holy Week, as has my own holiness.

What will Holy Week bring this year?  I look forward to learning the answer during the course of the upcoming week.  The main thing, for me, is to be open.  I want to keep my eyes, my ears, and my heart open to receiving the sights and sounds and messages of the season.  Divine power and divine love have been revealed to me in a variety of ways in previous years and I am excited to learn something new this year.


4 thoughts on “Entering Holy Week

    • I am way behind in my comments. I am glad you could come to the Cathedral with us for some of the liturgies. They were wonderful and being there with you made them more special.

  1. Hi and thanks for your words. Yes — wouldn’t openness be THE perfect prayer for all of us in Holy Week? Openness to see that Christianity isn’t just sweetness and being nice — our faith requires joining Christ on His cross… and it is messy and ugly and painful. But it’s also the week of the incredible gift of the Mass and the Eucharist… the week of humility as we wash the feet of those we serve. It is a week of memory, suffering and (as you wrote) love. Blessings. dt @www.catholicvitamins.com

    • Thank you for your comment. This is sure to be a powerful Holy Week for me, since I am adjusting to newly restored vision. I am working to be open to whatever message God has for me this week.

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