A Crime And A Blessing

Sometimes, something happens that makes me realize how blessed I am.

Last night, John and I went to the Easter Vigil Mass.  Ben and Emily joined us, along with Emily’s boyfriend, Justin.  My friend Rosemarie also joined us for Mass.  It was the first time at the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral for Rosemarie and Justin, and I was eager for them to take in all the events of the liturgy.

I don’t even know what to say about the Easter Vigil Mass.  It was so wonderful.  It was almost three hours long, full of readings and music and ceremony.  The high point, for me, was when Bishop Clark entered the font and baptized nine adults.  It was a sacred moment.  I cried at the beauty of it.

Mass ended with a rousing rendition of “Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” with everyone singing and the organ playing LOUD.  It was very uplifting and joyful.  John and I went into the hall for a reception while Emily, Justin, and Ben headed to our house.  A moment later, we received a call that Emily’s car window had been smashed.

We walked home to find that Emily was already on the phone with the police.  She remained so calm and practical about the whole thing.  Apparently, it was just a random act of vandalism.  Nothing was stolen from her car.  We cleaned up the glass on the street, taped up her window, and John and I went to bed while Emily borrowed our car and took Justin home.  Today, she called her insurance company and took care of arranging for a new window to be installed.  She and Justin took her car and vacuumed the broken glass from the inside.

I feel incredibly blessed to have such a mature and grace-filled daughter.  While she was (understandably) upset, she handled the situation with such ease.  She did what needed to be done.  Even though I sometimes still think of her as a little girl, she proved that she is all grown up.  Even more than being proud of her ability to handle the tasks that needed to be done, I am proud of her attitude.  She did not make a scene or cause drama.  She did not respond with anger or violence or hate.  She is a person of peace and responded in a very peaceful way to the situation.  I am so proud of Emily and feel so blessed that she is my daughter.


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