Making A Dream Come True

Sometimes, it is so easy to make someone’s dream come true.

Last December, I read the book Dream Manager and started thinking and talking about dreams.  I bought everyone in my family blank books and asked them to write down their dreams.  At first, John said that he didn’t have any dreams.  I believe he actually told me that all of his dreams had come true.  While this is a very sweet thought, I was sure that he could think of additional dreams if he tried.

One day, we were driving along and John announced that he did have a dream.  He remembered visiting Mt. Saviour Monastery in Elmira years before and he had always wanted to return for a visit in the spring, when the lambs were being born.  His face was positively glowing as he shared his dream with me.  I immediately called for information about staying at the monastery in the spring.  Dates were chosen, reservations were made, and everything was in place.

This weekend, John and I will travel to Elmira to visit Mt. Saviour Monastery for the weekend.  This should be the perfect point in the season for lambs to be born.  We will see the baby lambs.  We will pray with the monks, who sing the liturgy of the hours so beautifully.  We will relax, pray, and give our spirits a rest.  We will be quiet.  I don’t remember too much about the monastery, but I know that it is one of the quietest places I have ever experienced.

Most importantly, John’s dream will come true.  And I will have helped make it come true.  This gives me the most wonderful feeling.


4 thoughts on “Making A Dream Come True

  1. Follow your dreams is what I have been chanting to my kids for a number of years now. Last week, my youngest son announced his plan follow his dream by moving to Texas a thousand miles from here. Needless to say, his dream became my nightmare. He and his family have been outstanding in supporting me during my grieving period. I will miss them.

    • Ooh, that is a hard one – encouraging our children to follow their dreams even if those dreams take them away. So bittersweet. I’m sure you will miss them terribly. My thoughts are with you in this time of transition.

      • Grief is hard. Didn’t you tell me you had a dream of visiting different interesting places all over the country? Maybe you can visit some on the way to a visit with your son. Just a thought. You have a great attitude and that will help with this transition. You are in my thoughts.

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