Junior Prom

Last night was Ben’s Junior Prom.  It is so hard to believe that my baby is so grown up.  Our older two children were homeschooled.  Even though they went to some Proms, they did not have Proms of their own.  We were really excited about Ben’s Prom and wanted to help make it really special.  John had the brilliant idea that we should host a pre-prom party for him and his friends and have a limo pick up all the kids at our house and take them to the Prom.

I wrote a post about Ben and his friends after his birthday party.  They are really great guys.  We are thrilled that Ben has such a wonderful circle of friends to spend time with.  We also really like Ben’s girlfriend and her family.  They are wonderful people.  So, it seemed natural to invite everyone over for a little party to celebrate this occasion in their lives.  Ben asked his friends and we finally arranged for a limo for six young men and their dates.  The limo would pick the kids up at our house, take them to the Maplewood Rose Garden for photos, and then take them to the Prom.

I had a couple of worries.  It was a little bit difficult to spread the word about the party.  We did not know all of the girls, and so we had to rely on the boys to let them know the details.  We asked the boys to invite the girls and their parents, so that everyone would have the opportunity to take some photos, but we weren’t sure how many people would attend the party.  The weather was a big concern.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were just awful, rainy, nasty days.  When Thursday arrived, filled with sunshine, we were hopeful that the good weather might continue on Friday.

Friday evening was beautiful.  We were ready for the party.  Ben looked awesome in his tux.  As people began to arrive, we were so happy.  Our house filled up with beautifully dressed teens and their parents.  Everyone came.  The six boys and their dates were there, each arriving with a little box containing a corsage or boutonniere.

Each person’s parents arrived.  Some extra people arrived, aunts or uncles or siblings.  Our house was so full of people.  It was really, really fun and a wonderful opportunity to get together with the parents of Ben’s friends.

After a while, the limo arrived.  The teens boarded the limo and drove off to the Rose Garden.  I can only imagine how much fun they had riding in that limo – six friends all together with their dates, laughing and joking.

Our fun wasn’t over.  All the parents and siblings drove to the Rose Garden to meet the limo and take photos.

It was a beautiful, sunny evening.  A perfect night for a Prom.

After the photos, the teens reboarded the limo and headed off for the Prom.  We waved goodbye, knowing they were going to have a wonderful evening together.  We went home to clean up from the party.  Ben’s date’s parents went with us and helped us put away the extra food.  Then, we went out to dinner with them and had a great conversation.  We got back home at about ten o’clock.

I am so happy that we could give Ben a little something extra on his special night.  I loved having our house full of people.  I am so thankful that Ben has such a great circle of friends.

We are very blessed.


2 thoughts on “Junior Prom

  1. It sounds like a wonderful evening. It was fun to read about it and see the pictures. Ben looks so handsome and so grown up.

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