A Walk In The Park

For the first time this Spring, John and I took the dogs to Seneca Park for a walk tonight.  Oh, my goodness.  I forgot how much they love their little walk around the pond at the park.  There were so many sights and smells and sounds and people and dogs.  Bijou, Zuzu and Bibi had a wonderful time.

There were birds everywhere.  Hundreds of red wing blackbirds were singing their unique, signature song.  I wish I had taken my camera, because they were everywhere in the park, sitting on branches, practically posing.  Any time I have tried to take pictures of them in the past, they have flitted about so quickly that I could not get a good picture.  Tonight, however, they were still as could be.  Along with robins, canada geese, mallards, and other birds, they were making quite a racket.

My favorite part of walking at Seneca Park is when we reach one particular area.  It is a spot where people love to stand and feed bread to the ducks and geese.  The birds gather to wait for handouts.  As we are approaching this area, the dogs become very alert.  They love to come upon a big group of birds and watch them fly away.  They don’t chase the birds, but the presence of our three little dogs always frightens the birds into flight.  I love watching this happen, and hearing the whoosh of wings as the birds take flight.  And, I must admit, I love the reactions of other people when it happens.  Some are delighted.  Some become angry.  It is interesting to see how people react when our dogs innocently startle the birds.

As we walked around the pond tonight, our dogs drew a lot of attention.  The park was busy tonight, because the weather was so beautiful.  So many children came up to ask us questions about the dogs.  I had such a good, friendly feeling toward everyone.  It was great to be out walking on such a gorgeous evening.


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