Thoughts On A Rainy Night

Rain, rain, rain, rain.  We are caught in never-ending rain.  Today, it was a cold, nasty drizzle all day long.  The dreary weather makes me feel a little bit grumpy and sleepy.  I have to work very hard to be productive and upbeat.  It is so rainy that Rochester’s wonderful Lilac Festival was canceled two days in a row.

One nice thing about this weather is that our dogs are very cuddly.  They have their summer haircuts and get cold when they go out in the rain.  When they come in, they snuggle right up to anyone they can find.  I know it is only because they are cold.  Still, it feels nice to have a little doggie cuddled up on my lap.  I have heard that one activity that therapists recommend for people who are depressed is petting a dog or cat.  Tonight, I can really understand this advice.  Having my dogs nearby, where I can pet them, has made me feel peaceful and happy.

On a dreary night such as tonight, I would normally just veg out in front of the television.  But, since our visit to Mt. Saviour Monastery, I have been making an effort to not turn on the television.  Instead of mindlessly watching show after show, I am trying to leave the tv off.  I realize that I have become a little bit addicted to television and it was hard to break the habit, but only for a couple of nights.  Now, I don’t miss it at all.  In fact, I am finding that our evenings seem much longer.  Tonight, we had a really nice long talk with the kids.  They drifted in and out, but we were available to them and fully focused on whichever one happened to be in the room.

I often complain about not having enough time to accomplish the things I want to accomplish.  I am finding that I can really stretch the evening by not getting drawn into the television.  The nice part is, if I don’t turn it on nobody else does, either.  It turns out that I am the tv watcher in the family.  But, since our visit to Mt. Saviour, I have turned over a new leaf.  After the first couple of days, the habit was broken and I really don’t even miss any of the shows I was watching.  I like the peace and quiet of not having that noise in the background while I am trying to write or read or talk.  Even the rain outside my window sounds peaceful.  I like keeping the tv off.  I think this is a habit I am going to try to keep.


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