A Lovely Night

There is one good thing about having so much rainy weather lately.  I really, really, really appreciate a little sunshine,  This morning, it was gloomy and dreary, but at some point the clouds began to lift.  The sky went from gray to blue.  Then, the sun came out and began shining.  Looking out my window at the sunshine, I could feel my spirit soar.  I could hardly wait for the workday to end, so that I could get outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

John picked me up after work and, along with Sam and Ben, we went to a restaurant that has outdoor seating.  We all wanted to sit outside and have dinner.  It is hard to describe the pleasure I felt – sitting outdoors, relaxing, having great food and great conversation.  It really felt like spring had finally arrived.

After dinner, we went home, where the dogs greeted us by begging to go for a walk.  It seemed like they could not stand being in the house another minute.  We took them to Seneca Park and walked around the pond.  It was very wet and muddy, but we all enjoyed the walk.  The birds were singing and singing.  A group of boys saw a raccoon way up in a tree.  At first, they seemed to want to try to climb up and capture it.  I was worried about the raccoon, but the boys grew tired of it and wandered away.  I love Seneca Park because it draws a very diverse crowd.  Many languages, nationalities, and styles of music are represented.  There are always babies and children running and playing, young adults in love walking hand in hand, parents and grandparents and great-grandparents.  People go to walk, to run, to bike, to picnic, to feed the birds, to sit and rest, to fish, to hang out, to play volleyball, to have children’s parties.  And people are happy, or at least content, to be in such a beautiful place.

After our walk, we went home.  I was not ready to go inside, so I sat on our porch for a while.  Sam sat with me and we had a nice talk.  We have a great porch.  It is an old-fashioned front porch that can hold a lot of people.  It will be my favorite “room” of our house from now until late fall.  Sitting on the porch tonight, I thought of the lyrics to a song from Cinderella

A Lovely night, a lovely night
A finer night you know you’ll never see.

Now, I am back inside.  The windows are open, though, and I can hear all kinds of springtime sounds outside.  Birds are singing.  A lawnmower is humming far away.  People are talking.  Occasionally, a car goes by with its music blasting.  All sounds that let me know that spring has, indeed, arrived.  At least for today, the rain has stopped.  At least for today, the sun feels warm.  I feel as if I am overflowing with blessings.  After a very hard winter and what seems like weeks of rain, I am feeling very grateful for this lovely night.


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