Wonderful Weekend

This time of the year is filled with so many celebrations.  Graduations, weddings, showers, proms, and Boy Scout Eagle ceremonies fill our days with so much excitement and joy.  Congratulations go to Justin, Kyle and Gus, who graduated from RIT and to Kyle and Jenna who got engaged! and to Sean for earning his Eagle Scout award.  Our weekend was full of fun, with lots of friends and lots of sunshine, topped off by a killer Ultimate Frisbee match this afternoon.  Ben and his team (tied for #1) played hard and well, but in the end they were defeated by a rival team (also tied for #1).  The season is almost over and I will miss our Sunday afternoons at the field, standing in the soggy grass, cheering for our team.  We still have one more game and then the PLAYOFFS!  Hopefully, the McQuaid/Mercy Team (Carpe Discus) will continue to play well.

In addition to all the celebrating, John and I had time for my favorite Sunday morning activity – sitting on the porch drinking coffee and reading the paper.  Aaah, Welcome Spring!  I actually had difficulty focusing on the words so I just hung out with John and he told me interesting tidbits as he read them.  After relaxing and catching up on the news, we made some super-delicious french toast with fresh strawberry topping.  Yummy.

This is going to be a busy week.  John is going to deacon at a Confirmation at the Cathedral tomorrow night.  My cataract surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.  We are having dinner with good friends on Thursday evening and then it will be Friday and the weekend again!  I have a feeling that the week will race by and be gone before we know it.  So, I am glad we had a relaxing day today, a day to catch up on some yardwork and housework and still have plenty of time for fun.  Now, all my energy will be focused on my surgery and recovery and getting back to whatever my “new normal” with my vision will be.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. Three cheers for the young lad who attained Eagle Scout Rank. Having served as a Scoutmaster, I know the difficulty of achieving this rank. I also understand the importance of doing so. Please extend my congratulations to him on his achievement.
    Enjoy your busy life, there are many who envy your position.

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