Doctors Who Care

I really like my eye doctor.  He is careful.  He is cautious.  He really seems to care about my eyes.  This morning I went in for my one-week post-op appointment.  My eye has been aching since my surgery.  I have had a little double vision and a lot of headaches.  I was looking forward to getting to the bottom of what is going on.

My eye pressure was fine.  My vision in my left eye tested at 20/200.  This is a huge improvement from before the cataract surgery, when I was seeing only shadows and movement.  My right eye tested at 20/70 with pinholes.  That is quite a drop from my post-op checkup for that eye.  My eye doctor took a long time looking at my eyes.  He thought that the achiness was because my left eye is still a little irritated from the surgery, and suggested I increase my drops in that eye.  The double vision is normal, considering that I have not been using that eye for a while.  I was accustomed to having little vision, so I guess I stopped relying on that eye at all.  Hopefully, my eyes will re-learn how to work together.

After looking and looking into my eyes with three different lights and three different lenses, my eye doctor sat back.  He said that everything looks okay, but he thinks that something might be happening with my retinas.  He does not want to take any chances.  He called my retina specialist (who apparently knows me by first name) and they decided that I sh ould go in for retina scans this week.  Just in case.  No sense taking any chances.

So, on Friday I will go  back to see my retina specialist.  I really think that it is just a precaution.  I think that there is nothing wrong with my retinas.  I will be the tiniest bit on edge until my appointment on Friday, a little bit nervous.  Mostly, though, I feel thankful.I am so thankful to have doctors that take such good care of my eyes.


6 thoughts on “Doctors Who Care

  1. It’s great that you feel this way about your doctor. My younger brother is blind and our doctor always treats him like a relative and takes such good care of his eyes. It’s so important to have a good relationship with your doctor.

  2. I hope everything goes well on friday for you… My mother-in-law suffers from macular degeneration. She has slowly lost most of her vision it saddens me to no end…
    Sending you light and love

    • I am finding that Macular Degeneration is a difficult disease because of the uncertainty about the future. I’m sorry that it has affected your mother in law so severely. Luckily, there are so many adaptive devices around now that people with significant vision loss can continue to live normal lives and do many of the things they love to do. Thank you for your comment and the light and love. Your kindness means a lot to me.

  3. I’m glad you have doctors who care. Having those doctors who take that extra time is so valuable. I was so thankful I had a foot doctor who cared enough to take that extra time and even to adapt her normal procedure. Rather than writing info on paper, she e-mailed me the info so I could independently access it.

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