Love Nest

This morning, while John and I were sitting on the porch and drinking our coffee, two little birds kept flitting around.  They were flying in and out under the porch roof.  They seemed to be spending time inside a dried wreath that we have hanging on the wall.  Sure enough, upon closer investigation, we found that those silly birds have built a nest in our wreath.

I love our porch and it is one of my favorite places in the world.  It is great to know that these little birds find the porch to be a safe, peaceful place to build a nest.  We really don’t want a nest on our porch, however, so I peeked inside to see if it was safe to remove it.  Surprise!  It already has five tiny eggs inside.

We will leave the nest until the eggs hatch and the baby birds are gone.  Luckily our porch is big and the wreath is on a section of wall away from where we sit.  Our presence on the porch didn’t seem to disturb mama and papa birds.  I think we can share the porch peacefully until the birds have no more need of the nest.

What a lovely surprise for a Saturday morning.


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