Babies Have Arrived!

This evening, John and I were sitting on the porch.  I heard a strange little noise and wondered what it was.  A few minutes later, I heard it again…a tiny little “peep.”  John peeked into the nest some sparrows have built on our porch.

Sure enough, the eggs have hatched!  There are baby birds in the nest.  They seem to be very recently hatched.  Big pieces of egg are still in the nest with them.  I didn’t want to upset the mama and papa bird, so I took a quick picture and backed away.

The babies are kind of scrawny and ugly, all piled up in the nest.  I am so happy that they have hatched and will be “peeping” away on our porch for a while.  Having them there makes our porch even more special to me.

I am a little worried about our tiny new babies.  I feel very protective toward them.  I want them to be safe.  I will be checking on them, but not so often that I scare mama and papa bird away.


2 thoughts on “Babies Have Arrived!

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the club. Now you are an official “Bird Lady!” I believe what you have there are house finches. They’ll stay in the nest for about two weeks to sixteen days. If you don’t want another clutch on your porch, though, you should remove the wreath once the babies have fledged, since finches lay two to three clutches a year and like to use the same nest! So cute! I hope you can get more pics as they grow:)

    • I am loving being a Bird Lady. My babies are growing so fast! I think that soon they will outgrow their little nest. We will leave the nest up for the summer, at least. Thanks for inspiring me!

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