Thank You, Matthew Kelly

I read self-improvement books.  I like to glean whatever is useful from each one.  Then, I toss it aside and move on to the next.  I generally never give a thought to the author after I finish the book.  Something about Matthew Kelly, however, has caught my attention.  I admit it, I am kind of a big fan.

There is something about Matthew Kelly’s writing that resonates within me as true.  When I read his books, they make so much sense.  We share the same values.  He loves Catholicism, as I do.  We both think it’s important to encourage people to become their best selves.  I suspect that Matthew Kelly and I are a lot alike.  I think that we could have very interesting conversations.  I think I would really like him.  So, this is what bothers me – why is Matthew Kelly a world-renowned speaker and author of 10 books, and I am me?  Why is he out there publishing his books, while my books remain words in my head?

I am able to work toward and fulfill my dreams.  I have a wonderful marriage, a beautiful family, the house of my dreams, a great job, a blog that people actually read.  And yet, the big dream, the book, eludes me.  I have a message about positive thinking, about choosing to live deliberately, about finding joy in the present moment, about looking for blessings in everyday life, that I know I could turn into a book that would help people.

Matthew Kelly felt a calling to spread his message.  He had an idea and, somehow, people invited him to speak to groups about his idea.  How did he move beyond the idea stage and into the stage of actually living his dream?  How did he get that first invitation to speak?  I feel a calling to spread a message.  But, I am stuck.  I want to find the keys that will help me to get moving toward making my dream come true. What are the keys?

One answer is “just write.”  And so, I write and write and write my blog.  The comments I receive are positive.  My number of subscribers* is growing, slowly and steadily.  But a blog is not a book.  My dream is to write a book.  Still, I don’t work on a book.  I work on my blog. I have to take some of the time I spend writing my blog and devote it to developing a book.  I have some ideas for a book.  It’s time to choose one and get started.

A second answer is to stop wasting time.  No more wasting time watching tv shows that I don’t even care about.  No more playing “Bubble Spinner” or “Spider Solitaire” or other mindless computer games.  No more checking out what my friends are doing on Facebook when I have allotted a precious hour to writing.  When I am writing, I want to be more focused and stick to writing.

A third answer is to talk about my dream.  When I tell other people that I want to write a book, I sometimes get really helpful positive feedback.  This inspires me to take a step toward making my dream come true.  It is too easy to just allow my dream to live in my head.  I have to move it out of my head and onto paper (or computer) if it is going to be real.  Telling people that I am going to write a book begins the process of making me accountable.  Sort of like telling people that you are on a diet makes you accountable for losing weight.

Armed with those three keys, I intend to start moving and actually work on making my dream a reality.  I may never be Matthew Kelly, but maybe I will be Belinda Brasley with a book of my own.  A book that may help someone else as much as Matthew Kelly’s books have helped me.


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