This Little Piggy

After a day of organizing and rearranging my office at work, I really wanted to do something creative tonight.  I have been neglecting my photography lately and I have missed it.  So, I went through my unedited photos to see if there was anything I could work on.  I found a bunch of pictures that I took at Ontario Beach Park, where there is a beautiful old carousel.

The Dentzel Carousel was built in 1905.  It is a classic wood carousel still in its original location.  It is absolutely beautiful and it holds so much history.  John’s grandparents rode on this carousel.  His parents rode on this carousel.  We have ridden on this carousel.  Our children have ridden on this carousel.  As I stand and look at it, I feel amazed that four generations of our family have loved this beautiful carousel.

I have taken photos of the animals on the carousel several times.  I have never been happy with my photos.  The light is strange and the three tiers of animals look very messy in all of my photos.  Still, I really love the beautiful animals and want to make some photos that do them justice.  We went to the park a couple of weeks ago and I tried again to photograph the carousel.  Once again, I was disappointed with the pictures.  Each one was very cluttered and the color was bad and there was nothing for my eye to focus on.  The photos, like the one below, were just messy.

Tonight, I thought I would try to edit one of these photos and see if I could make it interesting and beautiful.  I began with one of my favorite animals – the pig.  I worked on darkening the background to eliminate the distraction of the other animals situated behind the pig.  I played with the color of the pig, trying to make a vibrant photo that represented the actual pig.

It took me several hours of painstaking work, enlarging the photo and working on the getting the outline just right.  Finally, I have a piggy that I am proud of.

He is the first in a series and my plan is to eventually make a set of carousel photo notecards to put in my etsy shop.  I am excited and happy to have spent time working on something creative.  Best of all, I love my pig.


6 thoughts on “This Little Piggy

    • Thanks, Marge. I was working on an ostrich, but things keep going wrong. So, I set it aside for now. I do love photography! Remember when I had that darkroom in your old bedroom in Cohocton? That was fun, too, but digital photography is much more forgiving.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I just realized that we missed s’mores day this year. Sorry about that, but things have been too, too crazy. We will have to find something else to celebrate.

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