Planning For Success

I have committed to working on my dreams tomorrow morning.  I have set a goal of taking an hour and choosing two or three of my dreams and planning out some baby steps that I can take toward making them come true.  I am excited about this chunk of time and want it to be fruitful.  So, all evening I have been thinking about how to go about making the most of my time as I work toward my goal.

I turned to some online resources to see if I could find some advice.  I found a great place to start in a blog post by Michal Spiegelman.  She offers the following visualization to help close the gap between dreams and reality:

Close your eyes. Imagine your life 6 months from now. Think big. Have no limitations. See where you are, what you do, what is different in your life. Notice all the details. Be open to accept whatever comes up. Observe yourself, 6 months from now, in different areas of your life: work, friends, health, spirituality and fun. Take your time.

Now, imagine your current reality. Allow the gap to be there. Look at the 2 images at the same time: your current reality and your dream life.

What have you noticed?
How did you close the gap?
What’s your first baby step?
What’s the next baby step?

When you are done with the visualization open your eyes and take notes.

Ms. Spiegelman is a big proponent of taking baby steps.  I have come to believe that baby steps are the way to begin working toward my dreams.  Without baby steps, my dreams are too big, too overwhelming.  Even the smallest dreams seem insurmountable when faced as a whole, big endeavor.  When I look at them, in my mind or on paper, I am seized by a kind of paralysis that just overwhelms me.  But, if I can just break them down into baby steps, I can work my way toward making them come true.

I found myself starting to think about the baby steps I will take.  I caught myself falling into the trap of hoping that I would think of the perfect baby steps to choose for each dream.  I know this can be a real block for me.  If I don’t make the perfect choice, my plan will be ruined.  So, rather than making an imperfect choice, I make no choice at all.  As a result, I never move toward fulfilling my dreams.

I found reassurance regarding my baby steps from a post on the blog Get Rich Slowly.  In the post, J.D. Roth writes:

The most important thing you can do to achieve your financial goals (or any goal, for that matter) is to take action. It matters little which action you take so long as you begin moving in the right direction.

When I read his words, I felt overcome with relief.  I don’t have to choose the perfect first step.  I just need to choose any baby step that is going in the direction of my dream.  This thought is so freeing to me.  Mr. Roth goes on to give a great example.  If your dream has something to do with finances, first steps could be: start a Roth IRA, open a high-yield savings account, cancel your cable television, read a book about the stock market, or learn to bake bread.  He offers so many choices of first steps a person might take.  I am taking his advice to heart:  pick one good path and follow it.  I feel very liberated in my task of picking a couple of baby steps for each dream.

I have a goal.  I have set aside a specific time during which to work on my goal.  I have a meditation with which to begin and a plan to stop one roadblock I am most likely to encounter – that of thinking I have to choose the perfect baby steps.  I feel full of energy and very excited about tomorrow morning’s activity.


4 thoughts on “Planning For Success

    • Thanks so much. I decided to wait for Saturday because I knew I would be able to take a chunk of time to work on this without distractions. I’m glad I didn’t plan to do this last night, because, as it turns out, there was a shooting in our neighborhood and there were police cars everywhere. It would have made it pretty hard to dream! You are right, though, that there is generally no need to put off dreaming until tomorrow. Carpe diem!

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