Sounds of Autumn

Today has been a day full of Autumn sounds. I awoke this morning to the sound of a cold, hard rain falling, signalling the end of the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing.  Shortly after the rain ended, I heard flock after flock of Canada geese honking overhead.  Modern met traditional as the sound of  a leaf blower drowned out the scritch-scratching of my neighbor’s rake.  And, just now, I can hear an announcer calling the football game at the high school down the street.

Autumn sounds are announcing the end of summer, the change of seasons, the beginning of cooler weather.  I am happy to embrace the Autumn this year.  I look forward to the blaze of colorful leaves on trees and the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot.  I am ready for crisp, cool weather.  I like so many foods and treats of Fall:  apple cider, winter squash, candy corn, pumpkin pie.  When I was younger, my favorite season was summer, but now I find myself loving all things Autumn.

I intend to be make the most of all the things I enjoy about Autumn.  I want to notice everything and not let the time slip away.  Listening to Autumn sounds today reminded me that the time to begin enjoying Fall is now.


2 thoughts on “Sounds of Autumn

  1. Belinda, I am so glad you are back to blogging. I have missed your blogs a lot. I am glad you are doing okay. I will keep you and your Dad in my thoughts. Teresa

    • Teresa, thank you. I have missed writing and I am so glad that I have the energy again to put pen to paper – or at least fingers to keyboard! Thank you for your prayers and for sticking with me through the hard time. Belinda

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