Pointing Toward The Light

A few weeks ago, John and I spent a weekend in the Thousand Islands area.  We went on one of those dinner cruises, where a boat took us on a tour of some of the islands.  It was very beautiful, especially as the sun began to set.  I took a few photos, but forgot all about them in the busyness of end-of-summer activities.

I pulled out my camera the other day (to take photos of onions) and discovered the photos of our trip.  It was a pleasant surprise to find this:

I love looking at this photo.  Something about it draws me in.  I return, again and again, to the light.  Maybe it is because the bending tree points to the sun.  Maybe it is because the light on the water forms a path that leads my eye to the sun.  There is movement in the light, dancing on the water, and the movement encourages me to follow it up to the bright light of the sun.

Looking at this photo makes me think about the light in my own life.  Like that bending tree, there are people and things that point toward the light for me.  And, just as that path of light dances on the water, there are people and things that fill my life with joy and life and bring me into the bright light.

It is good to dwell in the light.  It is wonderful to have reminders to point me back to the light when I drift into darkness.  It is good to focus on thoughts and actions that lead me to the sunshine of hope and joy.  Here are some things that bring me into the light:  exercise, prayer, spending time with my family, writing, helping people.  When I focus on these things, they bring joy and light into my life.


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