Let’s Do Something Impossible

Usually, when I am on the internet, I am very focused.  I check my email and my Facebook and my blog statistics.  I check to see whether any of my favorite bloggers have written new posts.  I take care of the things I need to take care of and then I log off.  Sometimes, though, I let myself wander on the information superhighway.  I travel from article to blog post to video and back, clicking on whichever links spark my interest.  I don’t do this often, because it can be a huge time waster.  Today, I took some time to cruise the internet.  I clicked from link to link to link.  After much traveling, I found myself visiting a post from the blogger Scott Dinsmore, who writes the blog “Live Your Legend.”  The particular post that brought me to the blog was called, “Do Something Impossible.”  I read exactly six lines of the post.  And then I started bawling.  This is what I read:

Yesterday morning I swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco.

Just before jumping in, I sat on the boat a little nervous. The water was about 55 degrees and we had around 1.4 miles to swim.

My friend Jonathan gave me a couple words of encouragement and then he jumped in. I suddenly felt a bit more at ease.

Jonathan is 13 years old.

It’s hard to articulate just why these few words struck me with the force to make me cry, even as it is hard to articulate why an article with the title “Do Something Impossible” drew me to it in the first place.  I am living a very satisfying life, working on pursuing some of my dreams, and yet, the idea of a 13 year old achieving this impossible task had me in tears.

I have been dwelling on the words of Scott Dinsmore’s blog post all day.  Here is one sentence that gives me pause:

Think of how differently you would have approached life if you had swam 1.4 miles across the 50-degree San Francisco Bay before turning 12.

That sentence stops me in my tracks.  I was bold and fearless as a child.  I did attempt the impossible.  I wonder when I stopped.  Today, I am held back from trying so many things because they are impossible.  Or, I take a few steps and stop because the path is difficult.

The blog post I read this morning challenged me to try to do something impossible.  I am inviting you to come with me on a journey toward making the impossible come true.  In Scott Dinsmore’s words, “Your mind never really knows something’s possible until it’s actually accomplished. But once that happens (and the more it happens), you’ll start to see things a little differently.”  I know from my own experience that when I look for beauty in the world around me, I always find it.  So, maybe if I look for possibilities, I will begin to believe that the impossible can become reality.  Maybe if I begin to believe in the impossible, I will accomplish the impossible.  Maybe you can accomplish the impossible, too.  Let’s each take a step and find out.




5 thoughts on “Let’s Do Something Impossible

  1. Sarah went to the Susan B. Anthony house with girl scouts. One of the things she remembered about it was a quote, “Nothing is impossible”. Words to live by when I am feeling overwhelmed and dreams seem impossible and out of reach.

  2. Awesome post. I didn’t cry but it was very touching. Reminded me of the December 5th daily Advent Reflection in the Waiting in Joyful Home 2011-2012 little book by Jay Cormier.

    It’s a story of a boy who when asked by his Second Grade teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up. While many students responded with “policeman”,”fireman”, “doctor” even “football player”, Timmy responded that he wanted to be “Possible”.
    When the teacher asked why “Possible”?
    Timmy said, “well my mom is always telling me I’m impossible. So when I get big, I want to be possible”.

  3. This is kind of a take off on Norman Vincent Peale’s “Think and Grow Rich” book. The power of positive thought enables us to see thinks in a different light and in doing so makes things seem more possible than they had been. I’m not sure that I’ve been looking to do something impossible, but it opens up the possibility!! I think I’m willing to take that first step!

  4. I love this post! It reminds me of the book I’m currently reading. It’s the biography of Steve Jobs. If you can handle a large dose of technical geekiness, it’s a fabulous read. The title is Steve Jobs.

  5. What a beautiful post Belinda! My life has been so harried lately I do not know if I am coming or going. I got my cataract done 2 weeks ago on the eye with the central vision obliterated. I really didnt think of anything but the positive although I must admit something nagged in my subconscious at times. What if this, what if that. I tried to keep positive and it really helped. Just looking for the possible also. I am having vitreomacular traction and increased floaters in the good eye. Making my job very difficult and enough so that I took a day off. I was asked when “it” would be better. Ummm dont know. But I needed a down day so that my eyes could have a break. I keep forging on like you dear friend and keep thinking positively. It has been a difficult road for both of us and I have not stopped in for quite some time. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear friend! ((hugs to you!))

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