Unexpected Blessing

Tonight I did my husband, John, a “favor.”  After work, he told me that someone at work had given him free tickets to a baseball game.  I just wanted to go home.  I like baseball and I love the Red Wings and I really love Frontier Field, our baseball stadium right in the middle of downtown.  Still, it’s a work night and I longed to spend this free evening just doing nothing.

I made what we have learned to call a “decision to love.” I  gave up my desire to go home and, out of love, agreed to go to the game.    So we went downtown and entered the stadium.    The sky was blue and the usher was jovial.  As we sat in our seats (right behind home plate) a warm breeze caressed my face.  I breathed a sigh of pure joy and felt myself relaxing and smiling.  It was not a great game, a little slow paced and uneventful.  Still, it was a great evening.  The people sitting behind us were visiting from another state and everything amused them.  They experienced their first garbage plates – a Rochester meal that includes two burgers, home fries, macaroni salad, topped with mustard, onions and meaty hot sauce.  It’s a big mess on a plate and the visitors were amazed.  They were also delighted (as I always am) when a train went right past the stadium.

I laughed at the antics of the mascots, our section usher, and the opposing team’s coach.  By the time we left the stadium, I realized that it was one of the most relaxing evenings I had spent in a long time.  I was greatly rewarded for making a decision to love John.  The baseball game turned out to be an unexpected blessing.


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