The Things We Do For Love

John and I are having a fabulous week.  We were away at Family Camp last week.  This week, our boys are still at Camp and we are home alone.  Yesterday, after we got home from work, we had a wonderful dinner on our porch – chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus and a delicious new recipe for swiss chard from our veggie share.  After dinner, John suggested that we go to the park for a walk.  The dogs were begging to go for a walk, so I grudgingly agreed.  As we were walking around the pond at Seneca Park, we saw this YCIL (Young Couple In Love) sitting on a blanket and talking.  They looked so happy and focused on each other. As we finished our walk, I said to John that I wished we had a blanket and could sit out in nature and talk.  John opened the trunk of the car and pulled out a blanket.  Hooray!  We walked to a grassy spot and spread out our blanket and sat down.  The dogs were impossible.  Bijou kept eating grass. Bibi and Zuzu had to run as far as their leashes would allow, first in one direction and then in the opposite direction.  They got their leashes all tangled up.  I reached over to try and untangle them and poked John right in the eye.  We tried to calm the dogs down, but they were very restless.  I could tell that John was all tense and not having a good time.  Finally, I suggested that we leave.  John asked me if I had enjoyed being “in nature.”  I just had to laugh.  I really appreciate his desire to make my wish come true.  Somehow, though, the reality didn’t quite match the picture in my mind.   The important thing is not that it didn’t turn out perfectly. The important thing is that John made the effort to show me how much he loves me.  That really meant so much and I felt so happy.

2 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love

  1. Oh boy, this made me laugh, this week I took some time off from work. We had plans to go into NYC see the Broadway show Wicked, dinner and an overnight stay at a hotel. The next morning my favorite band Zach Brown was on the Today Show with a free concert in Rockefeller Center, thus the overnight stay since we had to be there at 6 AM. So my husband wasn’t feeling well, the day before he went to the Dr. and got antibiotics, he had been running a temperature of over 100. I even called my sister to see if she’d be on standby to take his place, since neither the theater tickets or hotel could be cancelled. That morning he was feeling better, though still not up to par. We went in anyway, he insisted, we checked into the hotel, went out to dinner, and back to the hotel before the show started. He took his temperature, 102!! He actually walked to the theater with me, saw the first half of Wicked, then I told him to go back to the hotel during intermission, The hotel was just a few block walk from the theater, so I stayed, Saw the second half. The next morning he felt slightly better, the fever broke during the night, but I went alone to see Zack Brown at 6 AM. I just got tickets for their concert at Madison Sq Garden Ticketmaster agent asked if I wanted insurance at an additional $7 each. I said yes, I think she was actually shocked, I could tell by her surprised tone, but these days with events costing so much money you never know if you may need to cancel last minuet! I do appreciate the effort my husband made to please me too.

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