Dare to Hope

Happy New Year!

I love beginnings. A fresh page. A new start. For me, there is something empowering about making the decision to begin anew.


Several times this week, I heard people utter the phrase, “I don’t dare to hope.” It came from different people in different situations. “I don’t dare to hope that the new year will be better.” “I hardly dare hope that my new boss will be different.” “I don’t dare hope that I will actually make my resolutions stick.”

Each time I heard the phrase, a little alarm went off in my head. Because I know that hope is important. Hope is life-giving. When things are going badly, the one thing I hold on to is the strength, the nerve, the courage to dare to hope.

To my friends I say:  Go ahead and dare to hope.  Dare to hope, not only that the new year will be better, but that it will be magnificent. Dare to hope that your new boss will be more understanding, more joyful, more fair. Go beyond that to hope that he or she will be like-minded and will think that you are the greatest employee ever. Dare to hope that you will stick to your resolutions and meet your goals and even exceed your goals. Hope that you will quit smoking, lose those pounds, find a fun way to exercise, drink less, spend more time with family, or whatever your heart desires.

Whatever you do, dare to hope. Dream and then dare to hope that your dreams will come true. Set goals and then dare to hope that you will meet those goals. Pray and dare to hope that your prayers will bring you closer to the Divine Mystery, the God who loves us so very much. Work hard and dare to hope that your work will be fruitful.

This year, let’s let go of our fears and dare to hope, dare to dream, dare to live life to the fullest. Whatever comes along, our hope will sustain the light of love inside and keep it burning bright.


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