List of 50 Things

I recently read a blog entry  ( by Susie, who had the idea of making a list of things to do before her next birthday.  She put one item on the list for each year of her life.  Since my next birthday is a big one, and is not until February, 2011, I thought that I would make a list of items that I can work on over the next few months.  Maybe, that way, the big 5 – 0 will not be so traumatic.  This will also give me a chance to think about things I want to do and see before my vision deteriorates too much more.  So, here goes:

1.  Visit the Thousand Islands.

2.  Go through my craft materials and donate the things I will never use. ✔

3.  Tour a public garden. ✔ Read about my visit to Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens in  Going To Niagara Falls

4.  Make a list of area parks and take a walk in each one.

5.  Ride in a convertible. ✔ Oh Yeah!   Wish Come True

6.  Improve my photography / editing skills. ✔ Working on this through my photoblog – PhotoInsights (please look through and “Like” your favorites)

7.  Pet a lamb. ✔ Little Lambs Eat Ivy

8.  Bake something extravagant. ✔ Chocolate Eclair Cake

9.  Pick strawberries and/or blueberries. ✔ Blueberries! The Taste of Joy

10.  Plant a patch of daffodils or tulips somewhere unexpected.

11.  Rent a limo and take a winery tour with friends.

12.  Paint the living room.

13.  Choose an audio book and listen to it. Roses by Leila Meacham (plus, I learned how to download audio books from the library)

14.  Have lunch with an old friend.

15.  Plan an inexpensive date (or maybe even two!) with my husband.Fun Date #1Fun Date #2

16.  Sort projects into two piles – “worth finishing” and “hopeless”.

17.  Throw away the “hopeless” pile.

18.  Visit each of my siblings. ✔FrankMarge ✔ Melissa

19.  Go to a casino.Going To Niagara Falls

20.  See a play. ✔ Five Course Love at Geva

21.  Organize our CDs.

22.  Visit Niagara Falls. ✔ Going To Niagara Falls

23.  Sell something on etsy. ✔

24.  Watch an old movie. . ✔ Special Events – How To Marry A Millionaire

25.  Tour Mt. Hope Cemetery. ✔ Wonderful tour!  I highly recommend it.

Oh, my goodness.  Fifty things make a long list.  This is not intended to be my “bucket list,” just some fun things I can do before my birthday.  I have already borrowed some of Susie’s ideas.  Hmmm… maybe if I look around online…

26.  Learn a new skill. ✔

27.  Go to a concert. ✔ Smash mouth at the Jazz Fest!  (Not what I was expecting when I made this list.) Outdoor Concert

28.  Donate blood.

29.  Ride a horse. ✔Visiting Family ♥

30.  Make a (small) nice herb garden. ✔ Teeny Tiny Herb Garden

31.  Go to a baseball game. ✔Rochester Redwings v. Syracuse Baseball Game

32.  Take a self portrait that I like. ✔ Self-Portrait

33.  Write a fan letter to someone famous.

34.  Stand under a waterfall.

35.  Plan one “special time” with each of my children. ✔Emily

36.  Enter a contest.✔ entered Swan photo in Blinkie Photography contest and WON!

37.  Spend time star gazing. ✔ The stars are gorgeous at Camp Koinonia.

38.  Write an article and submit it to a publication. ✔ Published in the December issue of Rochester Woman magazine.

39.  Clean closets and donate to Goodwill. ✔

40.  Go canoeing.

41.  Spend time birdwatching.

42.  Clean the basement.

43.  Have a picnic.

44.  Visit the zoo.  ✔

45.  Tour a brewery. . ✔ Special Events

46.  Roast marshmallows and make s’mores. ✔ Yummy National S’More Day

47.  Make jelly or jam. ✔

48.  Go on a hike in the woods.✔ Ellison Park

49.  Take a yoga class. ✔

50.  “Waste” a day. ✔ It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ve wasted about two weeks worth of days since my surgery.

Whew!  I am going to start checking things off, so wish me luck!  Feel free to leave comments (ideas for your own list, maybe?) and encouragement.  I hope that my list inspires you as much as Susie’s list did me.


25 thoughts on “List of 50 Things

    • I am glad that you liked it, but I only borrowed it from someone else. i will say that writing this list and then working to check items off has made the past year full of fun and adventure. I hope that you have an equally pleasant experience with your own list. Thank you for the nice comment.

  1. I love your list. I love even better the number of items that you have crossed out. Writing it down has some effect on the brain to move in the direction of the goal.
    Great BLOG.

    • This list has been such an inspiration to get me moving in the direction of my dreams. I would not have accomplished many of these things if I had not written them down. You are correct that writing them down got me moving! Thank you for commenting.

  2. Hi Belinda,

    Yes, the Thousand Islands is so beautiful. We have been a couple of times. It’s a great experience.

  3. My dearest friend Belinda. I LOVE You so very much. Miss you & John a ton. We will do s’mores at Camp! I’ll bring the supplies. And we defo should do the wine tour. I’ve been wanting to do one for a long time. Canoe? We got one & it seats three. You can borrow it any time you want.

    • Oh, Sheila, you made my day! Thanks for sending all that love my way. Good to go on s’mores and we will ask you before we pick a date for a wine tour. I don’t know about the canoe – little scary right now with low vision but maybe I will get brave. We want to come and see your house!!!!! We were going to pop down and visit this weekend but ran out of time. I miss you! XOX

  4. Belinda,
    I Love you! I love your list! I have an herb garden and would be happy to help you make a nice (small) one outdoors or indoors. Bless you, Bless you, Bless you!
    Dee Dee

  5. I’m an old friend, well I still feel young, but I know the reality of it, and I’ve known you almost 30yrs now. Am I an old enough friend to take you to lunch someday?

  6. Oh, can I take you to a yoga class? Let me know when you are feeling up to it. My friends just opened a new studio in Penfield and they also have gentle yoga classes. Delicious! I’d love to take you!
    Love, Sheri

  7. Belinda, I love your blog and I love this idea! Also a note on audiobooks- combine them with the other things! I started a dog walking business out here in CA and I download audiobooks to my ipod and listen while I’m walking dogs. It keeps me entertained while I spend hours and hours walking each week, it’s fantastic! Most libraries have a digital section now online and you can just download the books to your computer then load them onto your mp3 player, it’s super easy.

    • Hey Nikki! Your life in California sounds pretty darn nice. I haven’t quite figured out my mp3 player, but there’s no time like the present. How does a library let you “borrow” a digital download? I will have to see whether the Rochester Library system does this. I want to figure this out before my surgery next Thursday, so that I can listen to a book while sitting with my head down, which I hear is the position I have to stay in for about three days after my surgery.

      • I sort of stumbled through figuring it out myself, I’m not very computer savvy. I used the onondaga county library, because I couldn’t find my rochester library card, but I’m positive that Rochester does do it because my sister is the one who told me about it. You just go to their website and log in with your library card number and then find audiobooks or ebooks (I honestly don’t know the difference, I just look for the “mp3” symbol next to them). Then you download the books and for onondaga it downloaded this other program (called overdrive media) to my computer. the book goes into there, you download it from there into itunes (or your mp3 player program), then it’s in your mp3 player! Hope this helps!

        Keep up the blog, it’s so inspirational. I miss you and the rest of the family!

      • Thanks again, Nikki. I have one more day to get this figured out. If not, Ben reminded me that he has some books on tape. Plus our library here at Naz has a good audio section. It’s CDs and not downloads, but it will still help pass the time, so I am going to borrow some today. Thanks for your kind word about my blog. It is really helping me get through everything. I miss you, too. I am so glad to follow you on Facebook. It makes it feel like you are nearby.

    • Thanks, Brooke. I like your idea of taking a picture as each task is accomplished. I think I will do that too, for those items that are photographable. Good luck on your bucket list.

  8. Belinda – I am an old friend of John’s from high school and found your blog through his FB posts.

    For your audio book, may I make a suggestion? In the flavor of the old south, like “Gone With The Wind,” is an audio book I am listening to now. It is “Roses” by Leila Meacham, and I got it from our public library. A great way to stay occupied for 18 hours! The actor who reads it, Coleen Marlo, does a wonderful job. I found I was spending way too much time watching TV instead of doing other things around the house, and discovered audio books. Let me know if you try it and how you liked it.

    • Thanks, Sue. I will look for “Roses” at the library. It’s good to have a specific book to look for, because I know the Rochester library carries a lot of audio books. I hope to pick it up before my surgery next week, since I will have many hours of sitting with my head down.

  9. Oh my goodness Deb! We used to hike through that Glen all the time when I lived on Dale Rd. We had such happy times there. I had forgotten the name because we always just called it “the gully.” I’ve wanted to go back, but was afraid it would be trespassing – I guess that didn’t bother me when I was a child. I will definitely take you up on hiking there! The comment above yours is from my sister and I’ll bet she will want to come too, if she sees this.

  10. I love this also!!! You can come by my house and hike through Crobett’s Glen with me!! It even has some little water falls that you can put your feet in!!

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