Making My Way

This morning, because of the time change, it was light when I left to catch the bus.  My walk was so easy.  I could see so much better than during last week’s walks.  I got on the bus and I could see landmarks.  Everything was great.  I got off the bus and walked smack into orange netting that had been put up around the area where the bus lets off.  I was so embarrassed.  It’s funny, though.  I half-expected the people gathered around to laugh at me.  Instead, a couple of teens asked (politely) if I was okay.   I was not hurt, just embarrassed, so I went on my way to work.  It was a great morning for a brisk walk.  Just the right temperature.  I arrived at work feeling alive and invigorated.

My work day was good.  I feel like I am learning, learning, learning how things work at my new job.  I am having kind of a hard time figuring things out, but everyone is being patient.  Luckily, the IT guys fixed my MAGic screen enlarging software today.  Hooray!  I can enlarge away and make text as big as I need it to be.

After work, I walked back to my usual bus stop, only to be told by a police officer that the bus stop would be closed for the next two weeks.  She informed me that this was “starting today” and pointed me down the street to a stop a couple of blocks away.  I felt very anxious about this change in plans.  I was afraid I wouldn’t find my bus.  I was afraid my bus wouldn’t be there at all.  I was afraid I would miss my bus.  None of these fears came true.  I walked to the next stop, waited a couple of minutes, and my bus pulled right up so that I could get on.  No problem.

My travels to and from work are simple if everything goes right.  I am learning, already, that I will have to be prepared for the unexpected.  I can’t let myself have an anxiety attack every time there is construction or a change in plans or an unexpected crowd.  But how can I be prepared for anything that might happen?  How can I make sure I am ready?  The truth is, I can’t plan for everything.  There are going to be unexpected obstacles that I am going to have to deal with.  It’s important that I believe in my ability to adapt and find my way.  I may have moments of uncertainty, but that is okay.  I know that I can find my way, safely, no matter what I may meet.


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